Chip repairs


Colour-matched repairs
At-home service
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Repairs to Enamel and Acrylic
Chips and scratches invisibly repaired

We repair chips and scratches on new and old fixtures, be they baths, showers or wash hand basins.

There is usually no need to remove the fixture or even unplumb it to have it restored.  The work can also be done in another room if the bathroom is being renovated. The work is done in a day and is usable the following day. It’s easy. We don’t make a mess.

Long life repairs

Baths are tough and can be redone many times. My descendants may restore the bath you have in a thousand years from now. Sometimes we are not the first bath re-enamellers to have passed their hands over the bath in which case there may be some prior work that needs completely stripped back to the original before we can build up ours. This is not a pleasant part of the job. homeslide4

Other repairs

When repairs are done on new build sites we are sometimes persuaded into sorting out scratches on UPVC windows and doors, fixing scratched radiators and even repairing damage to kitchen worktops.adviceclicktocallhome