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homeslide1What are we all about – Properly restored baths!

We are enthusiasts who are into baths. We like to do a good job of restoration for its own satisfaction, the reward of seeing something worn and tired restored to its former glory. It feels good to see the finished bath shining like new and experience the clients delight and appreciation.

Chips and scratches

We also repair chips and scratches on new fixtures, be they baths, showers or wash hand basins. Since this sort of repair is often done on new build sites we sometimes get into sorting out scratches on UPVC windows and doors, fixing scratched radiators and even repairing damage to kitchen worktops.advice

homeslide2No compromise on quality

A good bath is a great item to have in the house because it is so effective at providing a relaxing withdrawal from the hubbub of modern life but at the same time can also be a lovely object to look at.

Durable and easy to clean

The very important thing is the quality of the new enamel that is applied. It has got to look really good but also be highly durable and easy to clean. It has taken years of fine-tuning but we think we have got it just right. We apply it as thickly as possible as this tends to improve its durability by protecting the underlying bonding material.

homeslide4The Diamond Gleam netwok

I set up the Diamond Gleam network of bath resurfacing outlets over the last twenty years. Each one is a small owner managed business and they are all trusted friends of mine. I have also re-trained a number of independents who also now use our system and can recommend them. 

homeslide3Happy to help!

If you want to discuss anything at any time about bath resurfacing feel free to call me on my mobile (07967182599). I am approachable, down to earth and honest. This is important because some customers can get confused by marketing hype and technical buzzwords when trying to make the right decision about their bath.