Materials Supply

Trade Supplies of Re-enamelling Technology

Many years ago I was approached by a few enamellers outside my own network who wanted to upgrade their system. I was willing to help them because I was keen to see a raising of standards generally in the industry.

Some of these enamellers were independents and some were already part of other Franchise networks. Some of them became part of our network and the others I supplied on a wholesale basis the materials they needed, thus came about the wholesale aspect of the business.

I have trained some of the best re enamellers in the UK and I continue to do advanced or refresher courses in bath restoration on a one to one basis with good results reported by the trainee. I also do business consulting specific to this industry where outlets may have either gone into decline or not got off the ground.

I have attached some industry newsletters that I have written over the years if you are in the trade and happen to have an interest in our system. I do not supply materials to private individuals, as the materials we use require specialist equipment that the layman would not have available to him – so no DIY here I am afraid.

If you want to contact me with regard to the above call me on my mobile on 07967182599 or email me from the form on the contacts page

Industry Newsletters

1. A Standard of Technology
2. Coatings: Their Properties, Performance & Function
3. The Stripper
4. Managing Dust
5. Colour Matching

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