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Bath chip repair

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Baths are tough and can be redone many times. My descendants may restore the bath you have in a thousand years from now.

Sometimes we are not the first bath re-enamellers to have passed their hands over the bath in which case there may be some prior work that needs completely stripped back to the original before we can build up ours. This is not a pleasant part of the job, but it's part of making sure your bath looks as good as new when we're finished.

If you are frustrated or anxious about damage on a bathroom fixture don't worry because we can get you out of trouble pretty quickly.


Crack and Chip Repaired
I really appreciated his professional and friendly attitude. He's done an excellent job! I can't see any trace of the chips at all. The colour he used matches the bath perfectly. So I've got my new bath back

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Baths, Sinks, Showers, Toilets

We can provide a fast costing and response to a repair on a damaged bathroom fixture if you call or text me (Len) on 07967182599 anytime or fill in the Chip Repair enquiry form, or email us on

In the main we repair enamelled steel or acrylic baths and shower trays of various construction. We can also repair sinks, toilets and other items as long as they are not structurally damaged.

No need to remove

There is usually no need to remove the fixture or even unplumb it to have it restored.  The work can also be done in another room if the bathroom is being renovated. The work is done in a day and is usable the following day. It’s easy. We don’t make a mess.

Other repairs

When chip repairs are done on new build sites we are sometimes persuaded into sorting out scratches on UPVC windows and doors, fixing scratched radiators and even repairing damage to kitchen worktops.

Bathroom chip repairs

 Chips vanished

The usual sort of thing is a tiler dropping a tile into the bath or the house-holder knocking a heavy object into it. On an enamelled pressed steel bath this usually shows up as a black chip and quite noticeable. On an acrylic bath it's not so obvious but nevertheless evident and likely to worsen if the sub fibre starts to absorb moisture. One also sees stanley knife cuts on acrylics where someone has used too much force to remove the protective film. You get scuffs and scratches on shower bases and sometimes a tradesman drills a hole erroneously through an acrylic bath!

We will consider any repair and do whatever we can to help or advise.

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Colour matching

One thing we are often asked about is, "How do you get the right colour?" This is a good question as few whites are the same, and is in fact, a key skill of the job. One has to be able to replicate the colour of the fixture one is repairing. You have to be able to match the colour by custom building it by eye which we do - better than the manufacturers really - since we make the colour specifically for this item, it's not a generic colour for most of the baths they make.

In my experience the manufacturers kits are not that accurate as we regularly re-do repairs that have been done by builders using these supplied kits. This is understandable because even within a manufacturer's batch of baths you seem to get a bit of colour variation. You can see this in hotels as you go down the corridor where all the baths look the same and were obviously fitted at the same time yet the colour drifts from bath to bath requiring fine adjustment.

Scratch and Chip Repair procedure

The basic procedure is to bond the area of the chip so that the filler will stick to the unit, fill the void with filler, cure it and fair it off - restoring the surface to the original contour.

The area of the chip is treated with an adhesion promoter to bond the new enamel on. We then custom make a duplicate colour to the damaged surface. This is mixed with a hardener and misted gently in with a number of coats using an airbrush. One usually wipes this off and does the repair few times so that one can learn how good a repair is possible for this situation and then chooses one to leave that one knows is the best that is possible for the situation at hand.

Steps are then taken to fade the edge of the repair out into the original substrate and finally any remaining halo is washed out with a solvent.

Quality of repair

We are usually asked to describe in detail the quality and standard of this type of repair because if it is to be done on a new item one has just fitted for a client as part of a bathroom renovation the client is understandably interested to know what he is getting.

The procedure described briefly above usually vanishes out any trace of the original damage and the repair itself, but we can't promise that it will be absolutely undetectable by everybody as each person has a different ability to sense and perceive and a greater or lesser desire to find it and judge it.

The system is designed and specified for the repair of baths and shower trays in newly built properties or hotels where the criteria is such that someone buying the property or using the fixture would not notice anything or be able to find the repair if they were told there was one. It is not visible to them. Someone can walk into the room, look over the bath and see nothing wrong with it. This is the standard we can achieve with the technology as it now exists.

Proper standard

If however what is required is a standard whereby one knows where the repair is and expects to be unable to tell any difference at all between that area and another that has not been worked on or detect any artefact of a repair whatsoever, we can't promise that. In some situations if you repeatedly run your hand over the area and move your head back and fourth back and fourth so as to catch it in different light reflections or use a torch and a magnifying glass you may be able to discern something. It is after all a repair and the objective is to improve the situation within reason in such a way that it is not noticed in normal use.

We only clarify this point because occasionally over the last 30 years some tradesmen have pushed off repairs on clients who wanted their new and expensive yet damaged fixture replaced and have been promised the repair would be undetectable which is not always possible, particularly if someone wants to find fault with it. In such circumstances it is necessary to be honest with the client get their agreement that they will accept the best that we can do, which is to my knowledge the best that is available as we train other companies operators in this kind of work.

Bath Chip Repair Guarantee

The result you want

So the devil is in the detail really when it comes to accomplishing the sort of result that you, the client, wants. It requires a purpose to get it right, good judgement, precision and a perfectionist approach together with high-quality materials and a finely honed procedure and adroit hand work.

With a professional chip repair service level like this there is a pleasant satisfaction for the technician in really nailing it that is its own reward not to mention the pleasure in seeing the client's relief!

It needs disciplined and methodical work using a tried and tested procedure that fortunately we have gradually perfected since we started in doing them in 1985. You can't do this sort of thing with dirty, disorganised gear or a sloppy "Oh that will do, I think I will get away with that." kind of attitude.

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Bath Chip Repair kits

On the subject of repair kits: we are often asked how good these are however we only ever see them when they have been used and require to be improved upon so we can't really recommend them as we never see the successful applications. I have had to re-repair a lot of pro, semi-pro and amateur attempts over the last three decades. This can be frustrating for us and the client as one has to remove the unsatisfactory "repair" which is usually now bigger because the damage to the original surface is now more extended than it was originally due to over scuffing from too coarse a grade of sand paper leaving new scratches extending from the original damage and these also now need to be included in the re-repair. As a result a re-repair usually costs more to do than a virgin repair. Therefore repairing a bathroom fixture is something that is best done right the first time.

I hope this gives you some reality in what is involved and what can be achieved.

We usually get our repairs done promptly. Sometimes on the same day sometimes within a few days occasionally longer if you are far away.


Our repairs are cosmetic and seem to last the life of the bath and the work is covered by a years guarantee unless the fixture has been structurally damaged. For example cracks in sinks or toilets may continue to develop if they are unstable of their own accord. Also, an acrylic bath that has been actually holed and leaking may be repairable but would not be guaranteed against opening up again and our insurance would not cover any future water damage as a result. We would not normally take on a job that has structural damage so if this is suspected its best to fully discuss it with us so that we can advise what can and cannot be achieved.

Costs vary per item and depend on the nature of the damage, the colour, the extent or quantity of chips, the number of items that need to be repaired, where you are and the composition of the damaged surface. The costs can therefore have a wide span and vary from £156 to £192 for a single item so it's best to call us on 07967182599 to get an instant quote for your situation so that you can work out if its a viable option for you.

I hope we can help.


Chips Repaired
A first class job with our bath on Tuesday - causing no disturbance, leaving the bathroom immaculate and the bath in-pristine condition.
Fixing Chips
Thank you so much. The guy who came and repaired my bath was friendly, tidy and professional. I am so pleased I have been showing everyone who comes round the fantastic job that has been done