Shower and Bath Re-surfacing

Bath Resurfacing Specialist

Bath Resurfacing Services

People value the size and solidity of a good enamel bath and this provides the demand for the main thing that we do which is to restore and resurface them. This can mean changing the colour to white if the baths original colour is Twitfords slime green or Armitage Hunks puke yellow, both popular in their time. We can also replicate these colours if you wish it restored in the original colour. See 'Colour matching in action' .

Complete Bath Resurfacing

Not always the first!

Sometimes we are not the first bath resurfacing specialists to have passed their hands over the bath. And in this case there may be some prior work that needs completely stripped back to the original before we can build up ours. This is not a pleasant part of the job. Baths are tough and can be redone many times. My descendants may restore the bath you have in a thousand years from now.
See 'A very poor surface that needs stripped' .

There is no need to remove the bath or even unplumb it to have it restored. This is often the way we do it when the bath is being done for reasons of economy, say a rented property. The bath can also be done in another room that is being worked on if the bathroom is being renovated. This is they way it is sometimes done if the bath is being retained for the purpose of quality. The work is done in a day and is usable the following day. It's easy. We don't make a mess.

We also resurface shower trays where it is going to be very expensive for them to be replaced. Resurfacing a bath may involve removing and replacing the silicon sealant around the bath. We do not usually resurface toilets, basins or tiles.

Bath resurfacing and restoration

Chip Repair and Scratch Repair

We also repair chips and scratches on new fixtures, be they baths, showers or wash hand basins. Since this sort of repair is often done on new build sites we sometimes get into sorting out scratches on UPVC windows and doors, fixing scratched radiators and even repairing damage to kitchen worktops.

Domestic & Industrial Bath Re-surfacing

A lot of our clients are private house owners but we also do work for contractors, hotels, letting agents, housing associations, local councils, the Ministry of Defense and the National Trust, anywhere there are baths actually.

Chip removal by resurfacing

Successful Technology

The backbone of our continued success lies with our proven successful technology. This means the system procedure and the materials used. Bath re-enamelling systems are all different. They use different materials and various methods. They cost various prices, put the bath out of use for shorter or longer periods, have varying performance characteristics and differing life spans.

Our priority is life span. In fact with some an obsession. We want a long lasting deep shine that is easy to clean. To achieve this it is necessary to pay particular attention to the effectiveness of the adhesion system. This is the part of the job that concerns making the new surface stick to the old one. See our technical page for more details. This involves using advanced materials that we have specially developed over the last 22 years and these go over the old surface before the new white enamel is applied. In other words we basically resurface the bath twice forming a durable laminate.

Quality Enamel

The other very important thing is the quality of the new enamel that is applied. It has got to look really good but also be highly durable and easy to clean. It has taken years of fine-tuning but we think we have got it this enamel just right. We apply it as thickly as possible as this tends to improve its durability by protecting the underlying bonding material.
See 'The Finish'

I have tested this system against many others designed for the same purpose and have tweaked it to out-perform all others tested. Our expertise in this area and the recognition that this is the most workable system on the market has led us to become a supplier to many other re enamellers across the UK.

Newly Resurfaced bath

Bath Resurfacing Standards

What we try to do in the marketplace is to provide the best possible job for the least cost to the client. This does not mean that we will be the cheapest nor does it mean that we will spend extra time and materials on the job that the client will not be able to perceive or appreciate. There is a point of diminishing returns with bath restoration where extra time and materials brings you less and less return in terms of appearance and longevity.

I believe the best deal for the client is just before the point where diminishing returns begins. It means the client gets the max for the min. I refer to this as a workable standard. This is the way I usually buy things unless it concerns something in which I am a bit of a connoisseur where the extra cash spent can be perceived and appreciated.

For those who want the very best available check out my ART system deep in the technical page. Embodied in this concept of a workable standard is the principle that enough is put into the job to reach this standard and our work is priced up to this standard rather than down to a price that undercuts a competitor and keeps us in business. My cheeky response to the haggler is, "What part of the procedure would you like me to leave out?"

I know that other companies offer different "standards" so as to pick up on a bigger spread of clients - those looking for the cheapest or the best and it works for them as they need the stability and are always booked up further ahead than us. From a strictly business point of view this makes good sense. But not if you are an enthusiast. I just can't live with the so called enhancements such as baking and polishing which sound good over the phone but actually weaken the surface for the client. They can give a smoother finish for the inexperienced but this can be achieved by other means that require skill and dedication - not qualities freshly imported labour always demonstrate.

So this is what we do, how we try to do it and where we fit in with the other companies.

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