Smart Repairs on Ceramics, Wood, Formica, and Stone

Invisible and long-lasting smart repairs on all hard surfaces

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If it's chipped, we can fix it!

Smart repairs on Ceramics, Wood veneers, Formica, and Stone

All your household fittings can be brought back to new with precisely colour-matched and carefully applied fillers and materials.

We cover all of mainland Britain and Scotland - our experts will com you and usually complete repairs in one visit.

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Smart repairs: Oak veneer


Wood veneers are prone to chipping at the edges.

Our repairs use durable compounds which are precisely colour matched and carefully blended in to match the texture and grain of the original wood. The adhesive strength of our materials ensures the repair will stay in place for good.

The result is a repair that is invisible to all but the most careful examination.

Smart repairs: Ceramic hearth


Marble, stone and ceramic surrounds are repaired using the same techniques we use for ceramic baths and sinks.

Colour-matching is more art than science, as the eye can pick out very small variations in shade. Getting this right is the key part of our job, and after several thousand repairs we have the experience to make a truly invisible repair.


Smart repairs: PVC door frame



PVC window and door frames often take a beating.

As the colours will usually have weathered over time, due to the effects of ultraviolet light, it takes a careful eye to blend in the repair.

Once done, the repairs will usually be stronger than the original.

Smart repairs: Chipped sink


Enamel, Ceramic or plastic sinks are worth looking after.

We have repaired more sinks than I care to remember, but the same points of careful colour matching and finishing apply.

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